Your Dog Problems Solved


Paws down! Teach your dog not to jump up

Positive ways to teach your dog to keep paws on the ground fast and to greet politely instead. 21 pages


  • Jumping up 3 d ebook cover

If you need fast long-lasting solutions to the problem of your dog jumping up, this ebook is for you.  You can choose from a variety of methods that are guaranteed to work, and each technique is described in detail, with lots of tips and tricks for success.  This ebook will help you teach your dog to keep all four feet on the floor fast.




1. Why do dogs do it?

2.  Can it be cured?

3.  Punishment and its side-effects                             

4.  A positive solution

          Technique 1:  Ignore the bad and praise the good

          Technique 2:  Training an incompatible behaviour

          Technique 3:  Using a line

5.  Building up time with all four feet down

6.  Jumping up at visitors or people on a walk

7.  Teach off

8.  How long will it take?

9.  Pawing at people

10.  How to get further help



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