Your Dog Problems Solved

What Is My Dog Thinking?

There are probably times when you wish you knew what your dog was thinking. From tail wagging to growling, from play-bowing to lip licking, this fascinating book explains why your dog behaves the way he does. This intriguing book will help you to interpret your pet's behaviour and signals so that you can recognize and respond to what he is saying.



  • What is my dog thinking? book



  • Introduction
  • Social animals
  • Life in a hierarchy
  • Food and fitness
  • The next generation
  • Staying safe
  • Dogs and people
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements


Paperback: 96 pages

Publisher: Hamlyn (4 Jan 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0600619753

ISBN-13: 978-0600619758

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