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Too Much Time Alone

Many dogs that dig excessively spend long periods of time alone in the garden. Often this is because they are a nuisance indoors or their owners think they will be better off outside.



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Stopping dogs that dig becuase they are left alone outside for long periods relies on teaching them how to behave well inside so they don’t have to be outside for long periods.  It is also necessary to meet their physical needs with plenty of exercise and play as well as walks away from home.  This will ensure they are relaxed and contented when at home.


Some dogs are left outside while their owners go to work or are away for long periods.  This can be because they cause problems while inside or their owners think it is better for them to be in the fresh air.  In reality, most pet dogs become quite insecure when left alone in the garden and may bark, dig or try to escape.  Also, dogs are often more vulnerable to attack by other dogs or humans, or may be stolen, and are at the mercy of the elements if left outside and so it is better to keep them inside instead.  This may mean solving any problems they may have when left inside the house, and making sure they have plenty to do, both when you are there and also when you leave so they are relaxed and content to be left.


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