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Too Much Energy

Most dogs that dig excessively are young with lots of enthusiasm. They dig to use up energy and to have fun. Even if they are out in the garden for just a short time, they can do considerable damage to plants, shrubs and lawn.



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To stop energetic dogs digging up the garden, find ways to use up their mental and physical energies periodically throughout the day with games, training, walks, plenty of off-lead running, and lots of activities to do at home - go to 'Hyperactivity'.  They will then be much calmer and more relaxed when they are let out into the garden.


In addition, make a digging pit (go to 'The Digging Pit') and teach them to use it so that, they can dig in the appropriate place instead of disturbing your planting.  Supervise their visits to the garden so you can teach them how to behave well.  If you do leave them alone in the garden for short periods, provide them with plenty of things to chew and play with.


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