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The Perfect Puppy Book

The Perfect Puppy has been the best-selling puppy book around for the world since 1995 and has sold millions of copies worldwide. Now in its second edition, this book will help you develop your puppy into a happy, well-behaved and friendly adult.



  • Perfect Puppy 2nd edition

Anti-social behaviour in dogs is often blamed on owners, but many are not irresponsible or uncaring, they simply have insufficient knowledge. This book provides that knowledge.


Containing the most up-to-date behavioural information, the emphasis of this fascinating book is on prevention rather than cure. Follow Gwen Bailey's advice and you should have no trouble with problems such as chewed shoes, pulling on the lead and aggression when your dog is fully grown.


Full-colour photographs illustrate subjects such as socialisation, house-training, preventing biting and aggression, training and many more.


  1. The raw material
  2. A puppy's view of the world
  3. The new family
  4. Developmental stages
  5. Life with a new puppy
  6. Socialization
  7. Housetraiing
  8. Behaviour control and leadership
  9. Toys and games
  10. Preventing biting and aggression
  11. Chewing
  12. Handling and grooming
  13. Good manners
  14. Learning to be alone
  15. Training your puppy
  16. Adolescence and beyond 


Paperback: 208 pages

Publisher: Hamlyn; Rev Ed edition (15 May 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 060061722X

ISBN-13: 978-0600617228


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