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Teaching Bite Inhibition

Some trainers and behaviourists think it is important to teach a puppy to inhibite their bites and only to touch skin soflty. However, it is preferable to teach a puppy NEVER to put his teeth on human skin so that he doesn't learn to practice it and think of doing it in times of high excitement or drama.



Puppies develop knowledge of the strength and accuracy of their jaws by manipulating objects such as toys and bones, just as we learn about how to use our hands through play.  Play with other puppies and dogs helps to refine this further, and they develop an accuracy with their jaws similar to our ability to touch softly or hit hard using our hands. 


Some trainers and behaviourists advocate teaching your puppy to be very gentle when touching human skin with teeth in an effort to avoid hard bites in the future.  However, this is usually unnecessary as a well-socialised puppy that plays with the owner with toys and has a good relationship with them is not likely to bite anyway.  The only exception to this is if the dog is in an extreme situation, such as being badly injured in a car accident.  Then its survival instinct will take over and no amount of bite inhibition training will prevent a dog from doing what it feels is necessary to protect itself. 


Consequently, bite inhibition training is unnecessary and time is better spent on training and teaching your puppy to play with good manners. 




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