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Ouch! Adult dog play-biting and how to stop it

Solve play-biting issues fast to prevent further injury and teach your dog to play with toys instead. 23 pages


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Adult dogs that play bite and use people as toys are painful to own and can cause injury and big bruises.  It is important to find a positive solution that stops biting fast, especially for those dogs in contact with children or vulnerable people.  This ebook gives you all the knowledge you need to stop your dog biting and gives you a permanent, long-term solution.  If your dog bites at your clothing, hands, feet or other body parts during excitement or play times, this ebook is for you.




  1. Ouch!   Why are you play-biting me?

          Human toys

          Why some dogs play-bite harder than others

  1. What will make play-biting worse?
  2.  Not play-biting after all

          ‘I’m not happy’

          ‘Give me food’

          ‘Too tired to think’

          ‘Please don’t touch me!’

          ‘I’m so worried’

          ‘Let me go!’

  1. How to stop the play-biting

          Keeping safe

          Biteable big toys

          Game over

          How often?

          Reluctant players

  1. Calm handling sessions
  2.  Teaching consequences of biting
  3. Good manners
  4. Special strategies for children and vulnerable people
  5. Play-biting clothing and chasing feet
  6. Biting on the run
  7. How to get further help



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