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Oooh - it's going to get me! How to help your dog overcome anxiety and fear

Learn the reasons behind why your dog is afraid, and find positive ways to help him overcome fears. 23 pages


  • Fear and anxiety 3 d ebook cover

This ebook tells you why and how dogs get frightened of things that we know are safe, how to alleviate those fears, and how to teach your dog to be less scared in the future.  With patience, understanding and the knowledge from this ebook, your dog can learn to walk tall and be unafraid, enjoying a happier life in a more secure world.




  1. Anxiety or fear?
  2. What does it look like?

                   Signs of anxiety

                   Signs of stress and fear

                   Body language of fear

                   Fearful actions

                   After effects

  1.  Why do fearful dogs become aggressive?
  2. Where does the anxiety and fear come from?

                   Genetic predisposition

                   Lack of socialisation

                   Bad experiences

                   Motherly fears

  1.  What are dogs scared of?
  2.  What makes anxiety and fear worse?          
  3.  Why can’t they just get over it?
  4. Treating anxieties
  5. Treating fear-based problems

                   Avoid and protect

                   Put yourself in their paws

                   A good attitude

                   Changing a frightened mind

                   Examples in practice




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