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Mine! Teach your dog not to guard food and possessions

All you need to know to teach your dog to be non-aggressive around food, bones, chews, or toys. 20 pages


  • Mine 3 d ebook cover

This ebook will tell you all you need to know for your dog to learn to be non-aggressive around food, bones, chews, toys, or even a dead bird found on a walk.  It gives step-by-step instructions on how to teach your dog to relax and be friendly around food and possessions.   Written by Gwen Bailey, animal behaviour expert and owner of Chesil, a rescue dog who once had a serious aggression problem over toys and stolen food, but who now gives things up readily in exchange for a treat or sometimes even a few kind words.




i. Finding a treatment - can it be cured? 

   Step 1:  Devaluing food and prized possessions 

  • Controlling access to food and prized possessions   
  • Food in a bowl   
  • Bones and chews    
  • Food found on the floor   
  • Toys   
  • Stolen items  
  • Changing your response when your dog has prized possessions    
  • Stop wanting it! 

   Step 2:  Teaching hands come to give not take  

  • Food in a bowl  
  • Bones and chews    
  • What if he won’t leave what he has?    
  • Bring it to me?  
  • Food found on the floor  
  • Toys  

   Step 3:  Teaching a willing retrieve  

  • The indoor retrieve    
  • Getting dropped object back    
  • Dropping too soon    
  • Practice everywhere    
  • Be trustworthy    
  • High value treats    
  • Delivering to hand  
  • Learning with a line    

ii.  Help – my dog steals things he shouldn’t have!  

iii.  Exercise and more to do

iv.  Dogs that seem to guard nothing

v.  Guarding things from other dogs

vi.  Keeping safe 

vii.  How to get further help



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