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Fight! Learning to get along with other dogs

Discover why your dog doesn't get on with others and learn positive ways to help him be more sociable. 47 pages


  • Fight 3 d ebook cover

Filled with practical and sensible advice, this ebook helps you to understand why your dog is problematic with other dogs and gives step-by-step instructions on how to teach a better way of responding.  For owners who are struggling with their dog’s behaviour when it meets another dog, and who need reassurance that the problem can be solved, this ebook will help you find a way through the difficulties.




  1. Is my dog aggressive?
  2. What can happen
  3. Should I punish?
  4. Finding an intelligent solution:



                   Re-directed aggression

                   Rough play

                   Chase aggression

                   Sexual competition aggression

                   Possessive aggression

                   Predatory aggression

                   Physical reasons

                   More than one reason

5.  Control and management

6.  Treatment strategies

          Solutions - Fear of other dogs

                   Identifying triggers

                   Safety from your dog’s perspective

                   On-lead treatment plan

                   Work with other dogs

                   Too dangerous to proceed?

                   Off lead rehabilitation

          Solutions - Frustration 

                   Stopping game with other dogs

                   Play with people

                   Learning self-control

                   Work with other dogs

          Solutions - Rough play

                   Learning self-control through play

                   Supervised and instructional play with other dogs

          Solutions - Sexual competition



          Solutions - Possessive aggression

          Solutions – Predatory aggression

7.  How long will my treatment programme take?

8.  How to get further help




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