Your Dog Problems Solved


Don't leave me! Solving your dog's separation problem

Help your dog rest easy when left by finding out the reasons behind bad behaviour and discovering creative solutions. 27 pages


  • Separation 3 d ebook cover

This ebook helps you discover why your dog cannot settle down and behave when left alone and gives you clear step-by-step guidance to help you overcome the difficulties.  Solving the separation problem in a positive way for your dog as well as for you will allow you both to be content and to relax while you are not together.  If your dog does things while at home alone that you don’t like, or if your dog feels is anxious or gets frantic about being isolated, this ebook is for you.




1. Oh so annoying

2. Why can’t you relax?

3. Quick fixes and first aid

4.  A cure at last

          Gathering evidence

          Finding out why

          More than one cause

5.  How to stop them – long-term solutions

          Separation distress - treatment

          Relationship-related separation distress – treatment

          Scary event distress – treatment

          Boredom and adolescent chewing – treatment

          Trying to get out - treatment

          Barrier frustration - treatment

          Territorial behaviour - treatment

6.  Drug therapy

7.  How long will it take?

8.  How to get further help



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