Your Dog Problems Solved


Clean dog! How to housetrain and solve house-soiling problems fast

Find out why your dog is soiling the house and learn how to established clean habits quickly and easily. 27 pages


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Taking on a dog that isn’t house trained or solving a long-standing toileting issue can be surprisingly easy if you know exactly what to do to help your dog learn to be clean.  With the concentration and right approach, there’s no need for any more 'little accidents' inside the house, leaving your home clean and sweet-smelling for those that live there or visit.  This ebook gives clear step-by-step guidance to help you overcome any house soiling problem.




1.  Vets come first

2.  Why so dirty?

3.  Toileting or marking?

4.  Intelligent solutions:


Part 1:  House training

          It's easy to be clean

          The big clean up!

          Born this way

          Selecting a toilet

          Go outside regularly

          No toileting inside     

          Accidents may happen

          Never alone

          Night times

          How long will it take?

          Toileting on cue

          Asking to go out

          Using puppy training pads or newspaper


Part 2:  House-training problems

          Seeking the wrong surface

          Special help for dogs raised in mess

          Too much pressure to go

          Leaving dog outside alone

          Dog get picked up

          Dog has been punished

          Alone at home too long

          Nowhere else to go


Part 3:  House soiling but not lack of house training

          Changes in routine or lack of routine

          Urinating when greeted


          Stress, excitement, or tension in household

          Anxious when left alone

          Problems at night or when left alone


Part 4:  Marking problems

          Is it marking?

          Why and what to do about it


          Sexual Competition


5.  How to get further help



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