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Puppy Mouthing

Just as toddlers try to put toys or fingers in their mouths to explore and investigate, puppies will mouth on our hands if we are close to them for long enough.



This behaviour is much more calm than that of play biting as the purpose is to investigate or to relieve the ache of adult teeth eruption rather than play.  It is particularly likely to happen when the puppy is teething between 3 and 7 months of age.  Holding something soft and chewable in your hand and gently offering this for your puppy to chew instead of your fingers will help.


While your puppy is teething, try cooling toys in the fridge or giving ice cubes to chew to help relieve the pain of sore gums during adult tooth eruption.


Make sure your puppy has lots of things to chew during teething, and again during adolescence - go to 'Puppy Chewing'




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