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Problems With Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs can come with behaviour issues they had in their first home, or behaviour problems can result from the differences between their new owners and home environment compared to those they were used to.



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Honeymoon period

Rehomed dogs can behave like perfect angels for the first 2 weeks in the new home and everything may seem perfect. They are usually exhausted from their time in a stressful kennel environment and will spend a lot of time sleeping. They also seem to be on best behaviour during this time, as we would be if we went to stay with a friend.


After two weeks, as the dog's confidence and energy level grows, problem behaviours can begin to emerge that were unseen previously. This is quite normal and finding an intelligent solution for that problem using this website will be necessary.

Settling in

It can take about 6 months for a new dog to settle into a new home and become one of the family. Until this time, patience and tolerance is required while your new dog finds his feet. Make sure you take time to teach your new dog the rules of the house in a positive way, showing him what to do and rewarding him for doing it. Prevent and stop unwanted behaviour so that it never becomes a habit.

Hell on 4 Paws

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For further information, go to 'Hell on 4 Paws'.

Need more?

If you need further help, please ask your veterinary surgeon to refer you to a behaviourist that he/she recommends, or contact the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors to find an experienced pet behaviourist in your area 


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