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Hell On 4 Paws

A book about Chesil, a rescue Chesapeake Bay Retriever with no training and aggression issues. This book tells the story of her rehabilitation from a dog no one wanted to a prize-winning much-loved companion that anyone would be proud to own.



  • Hell on 4 paws book



  1. Trouble on a frosty night
  2. Good credentials
  3. The dilemma
  4. Tale of the bunny skin
  5. Two steps back
  6. Sweating the small stuff
  7. Light at the end of the tunnel
  8. New addition
  9. Mr Policeman
  10. Serious solutions
  11. Outdoor encounters
  12. Bad dog to good
  13. Doggy issues
  14. Moving on
  15. Settling down
  16. Learning to trust
  17. Good citizen Chesil



Paperback: 272 pages

Publisher: Hamlyn (2 Aug 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0600621766

ISBN-13: 978-0600621768

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