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Dogs dig for a number of different reasons. Most dogs dig for fun and to release energy, especially when left alone outside for too long, but they may also be digging to catch burrowing animals, to hide away and feel safe, to bury bones, chews or other possession, to dig out a den to get out of the sun if they are too hot or to get warm if they are too cold, or they may dig under a fence to escape. They may also dig up the surface of the ground or vegetation to make a comfortable bed.



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Stopping the dig

Getting your dog to stop digging in inappropriate places relies on finding out why he does it. Different reasons will require different solutions.


Punishment for digging will be confusing for your dog as he does not know about your ‘no digging’ rule. Instead of punishing, find out why he digs and tackle the root cause, then, if necessary, transfer his activities to a specially constructed 'Digging Pit'  


If you are not sure why your dog digs, read each of these to see if the description fits. Each link will also tell you what to do to solve the problem:


Need more?

If you need further help, please ask your veterinary surgeon to refer you to a behaviourist that he/she recommends, or contact the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors to find an experienced pet behaviourist in your area 


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