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Digging To Feel Safe

Some dogs dig to try to get to somewhere they feel safe. For example, dogs that are scared of fireworks or thunder, may try to get into the back of a dark cupboard or under the stairs, digging frantically once they gets there to hide away from danger. Dogs left outside may also do this, digging a large hole until they think they are hidden from view.



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To help dogs that are afraid, you will need to help them overcome their fears gradually and turn scary experiences into happy ones – go to Fear And Anxiety’and also Noise Fears And Phobia’.  Once your dog is no longer afraid, there will be no reason to dig to safety.  Dogs left outside often feel vulnerable and unsupported so bring them into the house and teach them how to behave well - go to 'Separation Problems'


Dogs that dig to hide often benefit from an artificially created ‘den’ where they can go to feel safe (you may find that they hide underneath tables or furniture when worried).  Make a den using a crate with an open door and plenty of soft bedding inside, then completely cover (except for the entrance) with a thick blanket.  Alternatively, cover a favouite piece of low furniture leaving only the entrance open so your dog can go inside and feel safe.  Position the ‘den’ in a place where your dog feels safe, or where he frequently goes when he is worried.  Teach him to use this ‘den’ by throwing toys and food inside and encouraging him to go there and relax.


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