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Digging For Shelter

If your dog is left outside for long periods, you may find that it digs for shelter from hot sun or wet/cold weather, and to make itself more comfortable.



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If your dog is outside for long periods, it is better to bring him inside where he can be safer and will be protected from the elements.  Teach thim how to behave well in the house  by solving separation problems and teaching him to chew appropriately. 


Protect dogs that have to be left outside by giving them a comfortable, dry, secure place where they can sleep or rest.  Some dogs that have a good shelter may not use it because it is situated in a place where they cannot see what is going on or see if their owners are returning home. Consider moving their kennel to a different site which they will be more likely to use, but make sure it is in a place where they will be protected from hot sun or freezing winds or rain.


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