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De-barking - Is It Ethical?

The procedure is controversial and is illegal in most of Europe and in some of the United States. From the dog's point of view, it no longer has a voice to express himself, whether it is to ask to come in or out, to warn of intruders or to soothe itself when stressed and alone.




De-barking or vocal cordectomy is an operation performed by a veterinarian where the vocal chords are cut so that the dog can no longer make a loud noise.  Instead, they make a much quieter, wheezing noise.  It can be a very quick fix for the owners of barking dogs but at the expense of their dog  who continues to experience the problem that caused it to bark excessively in the first place. 


For example, dogs that become anxious when left alone, barking gives them a way to comfort themselves.  Cutting the vocal chords will not make a dog less anxious about being left, although it may stop the neighbours complaining.  So the dog is left with the problem and continues to be worried and unhappy when alone.  A much better option is to find out why your dog needs to bark when left and to do something about it so they can relax and be contented while you are out . 

What is the matter?

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