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Burying Chews, Bones And Possessions

It is normal and natural for dogs to bury unwanted food and objects to don't need at the moment but want to keep for later. This is not usually a problem for owners unless the dog digs and makes a mess in cultivated areas of the garden.



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For dogs that like to do this, create a digging pit in the garden and teach them to bury things there instead  - go to 'The Digging Pit' (for tiny dogs, it may be possible to do this in the house using a deep litter tray or large box filled with sawdust – although it could get a bit messy). 


Watch carefully when they have something to chew or eat and, if they have something left over, encourage them to go to their digging pit and bury it there.  Keep encouraging them to do this until they begin to take things there by themselves and no longer need to be shown what to do.


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